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TASAKI pearl jewelry

Raw material supply traditional with a top, continuing the outstanding craftsmanship, in 2009 as a new brand, a change in the past, “Tasaki Pearl” color, TASAKI to create a new look, boldly active in New York’s cutting-edge designer Thakoon Panichgul, conduct revolutionary innovative design.

TASAKI leader Thakoon Panichgul innovation concept, has been the world’s attention. Subversion of common sense conventional pearl jewelry, after he set out to design the balance, refined rebellion, danger three series, as the representative of TASAKI signs, access to the rising popularity.

Balance series debut will produce a sensational effect. Inspired from the series will be balanced by the balance ball in a straight line pearl design, it is like “Pearl in the fingers walk normal” approachable designed to be worn regardless of who is who, no matter what kind of outfit, can emit incredible charm.

Social Responsibility Award of Chinese gold industry

Caibai company is China Jewelry Industry Association vice president-level units, with the Shanghai Gold Exchange membership, the company has always insisted on a hundred dishes every piece of jewelry for professional testing, at the same time, the company has specialized quality management team, responsible for quality control and strict “dish 100 jewelry quality standard system” to ensure the quality of each “dish 100 jewelry,” the.

Caibai in Beijing launched the first “gold jewelery service center,” and proposed service commitment to customers to create a full sense of intimacy and trust the brand image. The spirit of “innovation and excellence” concept, a hundred dishes consistently start from the details, casting hundred dishes, “gold service” brand. Pledges by the pre-sale, sale and expanded to 33 in three phases, allow consumers to enjoy better service gold.

Volunteer services, the company hundred dishes, “Wu Jin” activity (ie, into the community, into the countryside, into the business, into the campus, into the organs), practice the socialist core values, allow you to “stay at home” will be able to enjoy Caibai payment of services, according to statistics, the first half of 2016, a hundred dishes gold company services team into the community, business and other activities totaled 112, a thousand times service.

Chinese style classical jewelry designer

Qian is a jewelry design is stubborn, in his eyes, the design inspiration is Kataba Yoshimitsu, do not need to have a shadow. So when nothing elegant inspiration and solid and steady artistic skill collide San Yao will certainly the most dazzling light. Qian is low-key and, along the way, he has to undertake the human body in the classical temperament, not play, not presumptuous, a degree of relaxation of jewelry design with a high degree of concentration, when a person will be a as the cause of the faith, that he will also make the work light with humanity.

Grasp of color and the combination of different styles of jewelry design Qian is the most prominent feature, this feature can often be seen in the works of Qian show large-scale cooperation and solid modeling harsh aesthetics . The most unique is his understanding of the ancient Chinese art elements and perfect use, making these magnificent art jewelry, on the case of one song after another poetry full of mysterious oriental aesthetics, even though everywhere gold emerald, colorful, but also no trace unimaginative and aggregate.

All of these and other jewelry designers completely different characteristics, are sufficient such that the board can Qian Times Square in New York, to become the domestic classic jewelry design most potential, the most special one. Jewelry, not limited to jewelry.

The maintenance skills of jade inlaid jewelry

Often violent heat exposure or gold jade material aging, density weakened, deteriorated water species, the meat becomes rough, dull pale. Once this happens will be unable to reverse or repair, not to restore the original appearance by routine maintenance. It is not easy Peidaijinsi jade jewelry for cooking, sauna, labor under the hot sun.

Almost all are afraid of jade acidic substances, especially soft jade. Acid can erode the surface of jade, jade let surface dull, and even small pits, the pit once produced will not be repaired. In addition, a gold jade also afraid of alkali substances, alkali corrosion although no acidic substance, but in a long time or intermittent long action will erode gold jade surface and even inside.

If a person’s good health, long Yu Pei Jinsi moisturize gold jade, jade gold head will be getting better and better, more and more light. If the human body is not good long-term Pei Jinsi jade, jade in the gold mineral elements are slowly absorbed by the body to achieve health effects.

Modern scientific research shows that gold Jade contain elements beneficial to humans, often wear and use jade gold jewelry due to the different points of friction skin and other effects on the skin blood meridian, which are many benefits, disease prevention and effect play. It will jade as a talisman gold is very helpful.

Good jewelry box might be needed for designer jewellery

Last visit to Paris on business, because they have bought too many boxes fit, some things put Wang R box to let her back. As a result, she readily took all my jewelry in the fall put a cloth, so after I got, an open, almost did not fainted. Necklace earrings and they all tied together not say, love is a pearl necklace wear flowers.

But this reminds me a long time ago to do accessories accommodated to the topic, said a lot of accessories, storage method, when many students asked me to recommend some good accommodating a single product. Even the best jewelry, not a good store is also very easy to become scrap metal. The key is that if a single storage product itself attractive enough, you can also become a home landscape.

Watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., different types of accessories are the best open-minded, easy to pick on the one hand, on the other hand it is in order to protect accessories. I think those mixed beyond recognition led to put accessories. There are commonly used acrylic storage box, the advantage is more separated, when accessing a glance. Maria Larroude is this fashion director with the belts, watches, bracelets, necklaces, these open-minded.

Changzhou pawnshop offers big discounted goods

Pawn shops sell quality products are absolutely as good. In particular, some watches, the appearance of new, good style, due to the relatively large number, select the surface is also very broad, relatively complete variety, price is more cost effective overall, a good place to Amoy second-hand jewelry class luxury.

So, a large low-price discount, buy is genuine or fake? “If there are fakes, from pawn shops to hit the sign.” Baoxiang pawn general manager DR introduced thousands of years, people trust the cornerstone of the pawn industry is very strong, the old pawnbroker, folks have a pair of eyes, no pawn fakes, consistent with past and present. It is understood that, within the pawnshop doorway stress, the average person is very difficult to do, “Ershu Gong,” the so-called “Ershu Gong”, which is in pawnshops differential valuing persons genuine fake a clearly through their hands, everyone He has a few unique skills children hand, for the identification is very sure. When the product is received when the process to verify the identity, but also through the quality of professional assessment issued proof, if it is fake, pawn division would not close, are not familiar with the items they do not give income, so the resale The basic problem does not occur when fake.

Pawn price of second-hand items cheaper than the market price is not difficult to understand, but reporters found that the new price is relatively low, many Baoxiang center pawn watches sold than the price of new high-end watch market price. DR introduction, watch pawn is a pawn company’s traditional business of high-end watches have been high-value, negotiable and other functions, its liquidity has long been neglected. Main pawnshop cash flow, sales center at present watches these watches from dealer financing, to sell a certain percentage of the market price, naturally a lot cheaper than the market price. DR adds, many people have a misunderstanding, pawnshop things are old, second-hand goods, and the goods sold here are brand new, and this is a subversion of the modern pawn tradition.

Stable gross profit of K gold jewelry

The company announced July 30, 2016 semi-annual report, the first half the company achieved operating income of 1.382 billion yuan, down 0.88%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 141 million yuan, an increase of 0.29%, after deduction of non profit 130 million yuan , an increase of 8.17%, basic earnings per share of 0.17 yuan, up flat.

Traditional gold jewelry business in the first half revenue fell 20.72%, K gold jewelry and other fashion business revenue grew 9.71%, gross margin increased slightly by 0.35 percentage points to 47.97 percent from a year earlier, low-margin business of traditional gold jewelry accounted decline show that the company’s revenue structure was further optimized, leather goods business grew steadily.

The adoption of “the whole network marketing” model to expand the main industry, the further escalation of O2O joint marketing model, to meet consumer demand for services of different scenes, concerned about the number of its own platform, an increase of 7 times. Pay attention to drainage while enhancing customer service management, strengthen the brand composite media, pay attention to the consumer experience, cross-brand promotion conversion member turnover.

Gems & Jewelry Fair opens today

The five-day session of the fourteenth 2016 Jewelry Fair Hohhot, Inner Mongolia today in commodities trading center opened, the exhibition attracted top hundred exhibitors participated in the five-day jewelry show, it will be for the scene jewelry lovers a Ambilight, gorgeous dazzling visual feast of jewelry.

The jeweler Jewellery Show attracted more than 10 domestic provinces and cities in more than twenty countries and regions participating, in addition to the mainland famous jewelry enterprises, but also South Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Poland and other countries and Hong Kong, China, from China Taiwan other regions of the well-known jewelry enterprises. Each exhibitor will be competing on innovation in exhibits and shows, showcasing the latest technology and product design unconventional jewelry products, exhibits an array.

These include high-grade jade, loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, k gold jewelry, silver jewelry, colored gemstones, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, amber, jade, and Hetian jade, agate, crystal, incense, Shoushan stone variety jewelry collection of a myriad of products. At the same time, this jewelry exhibition show the People First line, so that the majority of jewelry lovers not only enjoy to watch the high-end luxury, while also buy inexpensive jewelry.

Incense jewelry occupies over 50% market share

From 2013 to 2015, again and again incense products volume growth, market share of incense jewelry reached 60%, other types of incense products, including raw materials incense, incense products, such as market share of about 40%. Thus, nowadays incense jewelry still ranks first in all transactions incense products, has become a new focal point of investment incense market.

So why many jewelry incense incense products emerged as the purchasing power of the hottest products? Extreme incense incense Sun Yuhui, founder of view, in addition to increasingly scarce resources incense, as well as small pieces of jewelry are more likely to play with incense, to carry, but also because of four reasons.

Incense jewelry appears, not only to follow the five elements of the road, closer to the public life, and a lot of jewelry will incense life, the desire to line health to the body creation. From the health point of view, wearing jewelry incense and incense products with other works of art and products, to be more convenient and can be worn anywhere on the body, so with the gradual increase of the social health groups, incense jewelry demand will continue to increase, it also gives it a certain added value.

Three questions for Google China’s president

According to informed sources, Shi Bo UNITA in Google China is actually a pipe sales, but carrying a Greater China CEO job, but in recent years, Google sales nothing remarkable achievements. Google the most recent year sales-related job losses are especially serious, and even the author in Google for many years have been a few friends also went to other companies. In the face of Facebook, as well as many local Chinese companies force, Google a bit beyond their grasp.

Have to admit, Google China is the first CEO Kai-fu Lee to fight on the basis of his successor, John Liu, to develop and maintain, and John Liu’s successor is a foreigner, Chinese name is Shi Bo Union, is president of Google Greater China now , a foreigner fully understand the Chinese market, how to flex its muscles in the local market? what’s more even global CEO Songda made it clear that China is very important for Google, Google has also been rumored to return to China, but has been thunder, rain little.

Recently, a variety of sounds confusing, moving in such event, the Chinese district boss Shi Bo UNITA Where? This pattern is very strange ah, had to make people suspicious. The dominant red ZHAO Ze moving back to China from the headquarters, the headquarters of whether the need for a Chinese person to lead the Chinese market? And companies like Google, or should be technology-oriented research and development of people came to the home, can be considered routine. All results, let us wait and see.