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Gems & Jewelry Fair opens today

The five-day session of the fourteenth 2016 Jewelry Fair Hohhot, Inner Mongolia today in commodities trading center opened, the exhibition attracted top hundred exhibitors participated in the five-day jewelry show, it will be for the scene jewelry lovers a Ambilight, gorgeous dazzling visual feast of jewelry.

The jeweler Jewellery Show attracted more than 10 domestic provinces and cities in more than twenty countries and regions participating, in addition to the mainland famous jewelry enterprises, but also South Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Poland and other countries and Hong Kong, China, from China Taiwan other regions of the well-known jewelry enterprises. Each exhibitor will be competing on innovation in exhibits and shows, showcasing the latest technology and product design unconventional jewelry products, exhibits an array.

These include high-grade jade, loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, k gold jewelry, silver jewelry, colored gemstones, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, amber, jade, and Hetian jade, agate, crystal, incense, Shoushan stone variety jewelry collection of a myriad of products. At the same time, this jewelry exhibition show the People First line, so that the majority of jewelry lovers not only enjoy to watch the high-end luxury, while also buy inexpensive jewelry.

What do you think about the cooperation between Didi and Uber?

Fang Xingdong view, the best performing US Internet companies in China is Uber. Ideally between China and the status is “You have me, I have you.” This is the future of the whole world situation is the best. The fear is that the state, “You did not me, I did you.”

For drops of travel combined with Uber China, Fang Xingdong that, in addition competition category of the Chinese market, more importantly, the two are divided up in the global market. This Chinese competition on the Internet, the global competition on the Internet is enormous setback.

Fang Xingdong view, a taxi software for the benefit of consumers most obvious change is also the largest impact on traditional industries. But now drops travel and Uber Chinese merger is a “cop-out”: from industrial development, it would be China’s Internet and the global development of the Internet has brought tremendous negative impact.

“Whether it is Didi Hao, Uber good, I think eventually they will be lost, is lost altogether rare cases.” Fang Xingdong said, in the long run, if the two companies can compete in the global, industrial development, both consumers and businesses is the best choice.