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Stable gross profit of K gold jewelry

The company announced July 30, 2016 semi-annual report, the first half the company achieved operating income of 1.382 billion yuan, down 0.88%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 141 million yuan, an increase of 0.29%, after deduction of non profit 130 million yuan , an increase of 8.17%, basic earnings per share of 0.17 yuan, up flat.

Traditional gold jewelry business in the first half revenue fell 20.72%, K gold jewelry and other fashion business revenue grew 9.71%, gross margin increased slightly by 0.35 percentage points to 47.97 percent from a year earlier, low-margin business of traditional gold jewelry accounted decline show that the company’s revenue structure was further optimized, leather goods business grew steadily.

The adoption of “the whole network marketing” model to expand the main industry, the further escalation of O2O joint marketing model, to meet consumer demand for services of different scenes, concerned about the number of its own platform, an increase of 7 times. Pay attention to drainage while enhancing customer service management, strengthen the brand composite media, pay attention to the consumer experience, cross-brand promotion conversion member turnover.

Let National dimensional known by the world

“Encoding and domain name, are a world network entrance. Domain market has gone from an open to a centralized management process, I believe that through this process will also be encoded.” Chen Shengxu said that, compared with two-dimensional code, the three-dimensional codes easier management. “The State of Things to develop, which requires an effective exchange of persons and things.”

Chen Shengxu ,, dimensional code (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO. It is understood that Chen Shengxu developed by the three-dimensional codes, coding is a new visualization products. This proprietary technology can be text, images, logo, etc. as the identification code to generate a three-dimensional, between “identity” and “code” equate, make identification more convenient and accurate. Chen Shengxu work has been associated with the encoding. After graduating from college, to learn coding technology and market application, he has removed the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea and other places of learning, “where there is something new, we go to see.”

August 3 evening, Chen Shengxu again with a well-known enterprises – Kim Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. signed a value-added service agreement for three years. This is a sign, let Chen Shengxu see their dream a step closer to reality. “Double hit of the times, gave me the opportunity to realize their dreams.” Chen Shengxu morale. The current economy has entered a L-shaped, in others it seems, this could be a worst time. But in his opinion, this is the best of times. “As long as there is creativity, courage to innovate, market forever.”