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Chinese style classical jewelry designer

Qian is a jewelry design is stubborn, in his eyes, the design inspiration is Kataba Yoshimitsu, do not need to have a shadow. So when nothing elegant inspiration and solid and steady artistic skill collide San Yao will certainly the most dazzling light. Qian is low-key and, along the way, he has to undertake the human body in the classical temperament, not play, not presumptuous, a degree of relaxation of jewelry design with a high degree of concentration, when a person will be a as the cause of the faith, that he will also make the work light with humanity.

Grasp of color and the combination of different styles of jewelry design Qian is the most prominent feature, this feature can often be seen in the works of Qian show large-scale cooperation and solid modeling harsh aesthetics . The most unique is his understanding of the ancient Chinese art elements and perfect use, making these magnificent art jewelry, on the case of one song after another poetry full of mysterious oriental aesthetics, even though everywhere gold emerald, colorful, but also no trace unimaginative and aggregate.

All of these and other jewelry designers completely different characteristics, are sufficient such that the board can Qian Times Square in New York, to become the domestic classic jewelry design most potential, the most special one. Jewelry, not limited to jewelry.

China’s Internet users have exceeded 700 million

Webcast live chat show live games and live rates were 19.2% and 16.5%. Deputy director of the China Internet Network Information Center Internet Development Research Department Liu Xin analysis, due to marketing costs webcast, bandwidth costs and contracting costs are high anchor, rely solely on users to buy virtual gifts and cash flow advertising two kinds of ways is difficult to maintain the expansion, its business model is still in the exploratory stage. Coupled with the Ministry of Culture in April this year to carry out special rectification of irregularities Live platform, and requires a network anchor must be branded, Liu Xin analysis, which means that the future will be more stringent regulatory webcast.

CNNIC analyst Chen Jingjing presentation, taxi reservation network to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional taxi market, make up the service area of ​​the traditional model can not be covered. The network appears reservation car class services to enrich the car industry segments, share of economic development has become a typical format. However, the car market policy environment is still not clear, there are some problems not yet clear and effective. However, she suggested that treatment access for private cars car market, should not be negated should amplify the positive benefit car, weaknesses, and gradually make the car market rationalization, legalization and standardization.

Internet service content and form of government to diversify, CNNIC analysts Hao Liyang introduced in this regard because the government introduced policies to support the development of online government, on the other hand private partnership acceleration, combined with government agencies and Internet business information service media platforms, subscribers promote online government services continue to expand. Hao Liyang, the mobile terminal has become the main development direction of online government services. With the further popularization of the Internet, and mobile Internet devices to end centralized, government services means that users of mobile technology, services and integration requires further strengthening.