Incense jewelry occupies over 50% market share

From 2013 to 2015, again and again incense products volume growth, market share of incense jewelry reached 60%, other types of incense products, including raw materials incense, incense products, such as market share of about 40%. Thus, nowadays incense jewelry still ranks first in all transactions incense products, has become a new focal point of investment incense market.

So why many jewelry incense incense products emerged as the purchasing power of the hottest products? Extreme incense incense Sun Yuhui, founder of view, in addition to increasingly scarce resources incense, as well as small pieces of jewelry are more likely to play with incense, to carry, but also because of four reasons.

Incense jewelry appears, not only to follow the five elements of the road, closer to the public life, and a lot of jewelry will incense life, the desire to line health to the body creation. From the health point of view, wearing jewelry incense and incense products with other works of art and products, to be more convenient and can be worn anywhere on the body, so with the gradual increase of the social health groups, incense jewelry demand will continue to increase, it also gives it a certain added value.

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