Changzhou pawnshop offers big discounted goods

Pawn shops sell quality products are absolutely as good. In particular, some watches, the appearance of new, good style, due to the relatively large number, select the surface is also very broad, relatively complete variety, price is more cost effective overall, a good place to Amoy second-hand jewelry class luxury.

So, a large low-price discount, buy is genuine or fake? “If there are fakes, from pawn shops to hit the sign.” Baoxiang pawn general manager DR introduced thousands of years, people trust the cornerstone of the pawn industry is very strong, the old pawnbroker, folks have a pair of eyes, no pawn fakes, consistent with past and present. It is understood that, within the pawnshop doorway stress, the average person is very difficult to do, “Ershu Gong,” the so-called “Ershu Gong”, which is in pawnshops differential valuing persons genuine fake a clearly through their hands, everyone He has a few unique skills children hand, for the identification is very sure. When the product is received when the process to verify the identity, but also through the quality of professional assessment issued proof, if it is fake, pawn division would not close, are not familiar with the items they do not give income, so the resale The basic problem does not occur when fake.

Pawn price of second-hand items cheaper than the market price is not difficult to understand, but reporters found that the new price is relatively low, many Baoxiang center pawn watches sold than the price of new high-end watch market price. DR introduction, watch pawn is a pawn company’s traditional business of high-end watches have been high-value, negotiable and other functions, its liquidity has long been neglected. Main pawnshop cash flow, sales center at present watches these watches from dealer financing, to sell a certain percentage of the market price, naturally a lot cheaper than the market price. DR adds, many people have a misunderstanding, pawnshop things are old, second-hand goods, and the goods sold here are brand new, and this is a subversion of the modern pawn tradition.

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