The maintenance skills of jade inlaid jewelry

Often violent heat exposure or gold jade material aging, density weakened, deteriorated water species, the meat becomes rough, dull pale. Once this happens will be unable to reverse or repair, not to restore the original appearance by routine maintenance. It is not easy Peidaijinsi jade jewelry for cooking, sauna, labor under the hot sun.

Almost all are afraid of jade acidic substances, especially soft jade. Acid can erode the surface of jade, jade let surface dull, and even small pits, the pit once produced will not be repaired. In addition, a gold jade also afraid of alkali substances, alkali corrosion although no acidic substance, but in a long time or intermittent long action will erode gold jade surface and even inside.

If a person’s good health, long Yu Pei Jinsi moisturize gold jade, jade gold head will be getting better and better, more and more light. If the human body is not good long-term Pei Jinsi jade, jade in the gold mineral elements are slowly absorbed by the body to achieve health effects.

Modern scientific research shows that gold Jade contain elements beneficial to humans, often wear and use jade gold jewelry due to the different points of friction skin and other effects on the skin blood meridian, which are many benefits, disease prevention and effect play. It will jade as a talisman gold is very helpful.

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