Chinese style classical jewelry designer

Qian is a jewelry design is stubborn, in his eyes, the design inspiration is Kataba Yoshimitsu, do not need to have a shadow. So when nothing elegant inspiration and solid and steady artistic skill collide San Yao will certainly the most dazzling light. Qian is low-key and, along the way, he has to undertake the human body in the classical temperament, not play, not presumptuous, a degree of relaxation of jewelry design with a high degree of concentration, when a person will be a as the cause of the faith, that he will also make the work light with humanity.

Grasp of color and the combination of different styles of jewelry design Qian is the most prominent feature, this feature can often be seen in the works of Qian show large-scale cooperation and solid modeling harsh aesthetics . The most unique is his understanding of the ancient Chinese art elements and perfect use, making these magnificent art jewelry, on the case of one song after another poetry full of mysterious oriental aesthetics, even though everywhere gold emerald, colorful, but also no trace unimaginative and aggregate.

All of these and other jewelry designers completely different characteristics, are sufficient such that the board can Qian Times Square in New York, to become the domestic classic jewelry design most potential, the most special one. Jewelry, not limited to jewelry.

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