Social Responsibility Award of Chinese gold industry

Caibai company is China Jewelry Industry Association vice president-level units, with the Shanghai Gold Exchange membership, the company has always insisted on a hundred dishes every piece of jewelry for professional testing, at the same time, the company has specialized quality management team, responsible for quality control and strict “dish 100 jewelry quality standard system” to ensure the quality of each “dish 100 jewelry,” the.

Caibai in Beijing launched the first “gold jewelery service center,” and proposed service commitment to customers to create a full sense of intimacy and trust the brand image. The spirit of “innovation and excellence” concept, a hundred dishes consistently start from the details, casting hundred dishes, “gold service” brand. Pledges by the pre-sale, sale and expanded to 33 in three phases, allow consumers to enjoy better service gold.

Volunteer services, the company hundred dishes, “Wu Jin” activity (ie, into the community, into the countryside, into the business, into the campus, into the organs), practice the socialist core values, allow you to “stay at home” will be able to enjoy Caibai payment of services, according to statistics, the first half of 2016, a hundred dishes gold company services team into the community, business and other activities totaled 112, a thousand times service.

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