TASAKI pearl jewelry

Raw material supply traditional with a top, continuing the outstanding craftsmanship, in 2009 as a new brand, a change in the past, “Tasaki Pearl” color, TASAKI to create a new look, boldly active in New York’s cutting-edge designer Thakoon Panichgul, conduct revolutionary innovative design.

TASAKI leader Thakoon Panichgul innovation concept, has been the world’s attention. Subversion of common sense conventional pearl jewelry, after he set out to design the balance, refined rebellion, danger three series, as the representative of TASAKI signs, access to the rising popularity.

Balance series debut will produce a sensational effect. Inspired from the series will be balanced by the balance ball in a straight line pearl design, it is like “Pearl in the fingers walk normal” approachable designed to be worn regardless of who is who, no matter what kind of outfit, can emit incredible charm.

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