Three questions for Google China’s president

According to informed sources, Shi Bo UNITA in Google China is actually a pipe sales, but carrying a Greater China CEO job, but in recent years, Google sales nothing remarkable achievements. Google the most recent year sales-related job losses are especially serious, and even the author in Google for many years have been a few friends also went to other companies. In the face of Facebook, as well as many local Chinese companies force, Google a bit beyond their grasp.

Have to admit, Google China is the first CEO Kai-fu Lee to fight on the basis of his successor, John Liu, to develop and maintain, and John Liu’s successor is a foreigner, Chinese name is Shi Bo Union, is president of Google Greater China now , a foreigner fully understand the Chinese market, how to flex its muscles in the local market? what’s more even global CEO Songda made it clear that China is very important for Google, Google has also been rumored to return to China, but has been thunder, rain little.

Recently, a variety of sounds confusing, moving in such event, the Chinese district boss Shi Bo UNITA Where? This pattern is very strange ah, had to make people suspicious. The dominant red ZHAO Ze moving back to China from the headquarters, the headquarters of whether the need for a Chinese person to lead the Chinese market? And companies like Google, or should be technology-oriented research and development of people came to the home, can be considered routine. All results, let us wait and see.

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