The bathroom is a good place to detect health status

Today’s smart phones, smart wristwatch / bracelet, and other so-called “smart” devices can help people complete the work of a number of physical health checks at home. But Google seems to be more ambitious plans for some of them in January 2015 applied for a patent on the bathroom, this patent was published on July 21 this year, if true, Google will help people create a health bathroom monitoring function.

According to the details of the patent it shows that Google hopes arranged a series of sensors and cameras in the bathroom, in order to monitor human health, and medical institutions when necessary notification. Specifically, Google has such a future bathroom mirror capable of sensing different colors, measuring pressure and electrical changes in the foot, pressure-sensitive ultrasonic bath and toilet seat.

From a functional point of view, the mirror can measure changes in the user’s skin color, floor mats can measure heart rate, blood pressure can be measured and the toilet seat and the overall health condition of the body. Although the ultrasonic bath may issue a high frequency sound waves to complete the echo test, but it can be realized how specific function is not clear.

Although this patent, the monitoring is focused on the user’s cardiovascular health, but Google think these monitoring tools can do more for the health of the user. When not good at hardware, Google can this patent a reality is another matter.

China’s Internet users have exceeded 700 million

Webcast live chat show live games and live rates were 19.2% and 16.5%. Deputy director of the China Internet Network Information Center Internet Development Research Department Liu Xin analysis, due to marketing costs webcast, bandwidth costs and contracting costs are high anchor, rely solely on users to buy virtual gifts and cash flow advertising two kinds of ways is difficult to maintain the expansion, its business model is still in the exploratory stage. Coupled with the Ministry of Culture in April this year to carry out special rectification of irregularities Live platform, and requires a network anchor must be branded, Liu Xin analysis, which means that the future will be more stringent regulatory webcast.

CNNIC analyst Chen Jingjing presentation, taxi reservation network to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional taxi market, make up the service area of ​​the traditional model can not be covered. The network appears reservation car class services to enrich the car industry segments, share of economic development has become a typical format. However, the car market policy environment is still not clear, there are some problems not yet clear and effective. However, she suggested that treatment access for private cars car market, should not be negated should amplify the positive benefit car, weaknesses, and gradually make the car market rationalization, legalization and standardization.

Internet service content and form of government to diversify, CNNIC analysts Hao Liyang introduced in this regard because the government introduced policies to support the development of online government, on the other hand private partnership acceleration, combined with government agencies and Internet business information service media platforms, subscribers promote online government services continue to expand. Hao Liyang, the mobile terminal has become the main development direction of online government services. With the further popularization of the Internet, and mobile Internet devices to end centralized, government services means that users of mobile technology, services and integration requires further strengthening.

“Internet + logistics” platform

“The problem facing the logistics industry, the most fundamental reason is not efficient, central in the logistics supply-side reform set the direction of the ‘cost efficiency’, we can say very accurately summed up the industry for real reform and innovation needs. “world Meeting founder and chairman, said recently in an interview with 21st century Business Herald.

In Xu Shuibo’s opinion, China’s logistics industry, “small, scattered, chaotic, weak,” but the real problem well known ability to come up with effective solutions are few, largely because the industry is accustomed to these problems treated in isolation, ignoring the impact of its cross each other.

From its inception in 2013, the world exchange operations through asset-light mode of cooperation, the transformation of the country, to upgrade the existing road to Hong Kong, and ultimately the construction of 57 logistics parks, formed throughout most of the country a “logistics park network” , it is considered the logistics industry Taobao.

On June 2016, the Department of heaven and earth to get 100 million dollars Grade B round of financing by Hongtech capital, capital Kai Chong Joint lead investor, Wan financing this, Kai Fu capital, and a number of the Yangtze River will fund with the investment. Currently platform monthly turnover has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Industry center of cross-border electricity supplier

“Our most important is stacked stone textile industry chain integrity, improve public services, the relevant policy advantage. Rail Logistics is willing to fight the hub of stacked stone and iron base in east China.” July 30, Jiangsu Province Haimen the first Conference of Chinese textile industry, electricity supplier site stacked Stonebridge international textile City held, China Railway logistics Group Co., Ltd. CEO interview Lu Guorong says People interview.

According to reports, in 2014, with stacked stone trade market purchases upcoming pilot application is successful, Haimen Industrial Park has more need for a regulatory functions of customs logistics platform. February 2015, China Railway Logistics Group and the Haimen Industrial Park strategic signing. On the signing ceremony, Lu Guorong issued ambition Railway Logistics willing to fight the hub of stacked stone and iron base in east China.

Just two months later, the iron Haimen stacked Stonebridge International Logistics Co., Ltd. invested Dieshiqiao Customs CIQ monitoring sites. For the surrounding more than 200 square kilometers, means of transport or conveyance within the control of goods carriage of more than 6,500 manufacturing enterprises access, parking, entry and exit inspection and cargo handling, storage, delivery, shipping and other activities, for customs supervision of CIQ business.

Furthermore, Rail Logistics is also active in the “China stacked stone textile industry center of cross-border electricity supplier” of construction. Currently, cross-border electricity supplier industry center, the electricity supplier skills training centers, cross-border electricity supplier marketing center, cross-border analysis of large data center, warehouse distribution centers, international express service centers and export business service centers and other facilities related to a It should taste. A person in charge of the project, China Railway Logistics and Amazon and has a lot of territorial cooperation with national business platform ebay, for the cross-border electricity supplier stacked stone merchant services, help local companies to reduce accumulation, accelerate sales.

Twenty-first century will be the century of titanium

Yen-known work together with Wu Wei, founder of Beijing Wang nine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the research and development of innovative peptide products, production and sales, products mainly to the peptide food, health care products, according to Lan’s brand launched Narayan peptide skin care products, Similarly with health-oriented, to break the traditional concept of skin care, natural sciences respected skin care new ideas.

Wu is the interpretation of the “rich three generations” of industry legend peptide – peptide ancestors to the next line of research and development and marketing, known Yen, Wu Wei then use to their advantage, to enter the online sales promotion, put Wu three generations of peptide Industry to do the whole big fields. From research and development to production, from marketing to after-sales, quality assurance peptide products.

Wang nine biological jointly run by siblings, two clear division, play their respective expertise. Yen-known nature outgoing, good at communication, master of management background, she naturally assumed the management of the business, non-industrial heritage Wu peptide she must go; and Wu Wei is a professional research and development background, take on a new brand development task.

Two siblings inherited the pragmatic, dedicated and focused entrepreneurship. Known as Yen said: “We look for things that will always stick to it, think of ways to experience problems, difficulties want a way out.” Between words, her look of determination, the right hand in front of a stroke, a firm basis on tables on.

Let National dimensional known by the world

“Encoding and domain name, are a world network entrance. Domain market has gone from an open to a centralized management process, I believe that through this process will also be encoded.” Chen Shengxu said that, compared with two-dimensional code, the three-dimensional codes easier management. “The State of Things to develop, which requires an effective exchange of persons and things.”

Chen Shengxu ,, dimensional code (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO. It is understood that Chen Shengxu developed by the three-dimensional codes, coding is a new visualization products. This proprietary technology can be text, images, logo, etc. as the identification code to generate a three-dimensional, between “identity” and “code” equate, make identification more convenient and accurate. Chen Shengxu work has been associated with the encoding. After graduating from college, to learn coding technology and market application, he has removed the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea and other places of learning, “where there is something new, we go to see.”

August 3 evening, Chen Shengxu again with a well-known enterprises – Kim Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. signed a value-added service agreement for three years. This is a sign, let Chen Shengxu see their dream a step closer to reality. “Double hit of the times, gave me the opportunity to realize their dreams.” Chen Shengxu morale. The current economy has entered a L-shaped, in others it seems, this could be a worst time. But in his opinion, this is the best of times. “As long as there is creativity, courage to innovate, market forever.”

What do you think about the cooperation between Didi and Uber?

Fang Xingdong view, the best performing US Internet companies in China is Uber. Ideally between China and the status is “You have me, I have you.” This is the future of the whole world situation is the best. The fear is that the state, “You did not me, I did you.”

For drops of travel combined with Uber China, Fang Xingdong that, in addition competition category of the Chinese market, more importantly, the two are divided up in the global market. This Chinese competition on the Internet, the global competition on the Internet is enormous setback.

Fang Xingdong view, a taxi software for the benefit of consumers most obvious change is also the largest impact on traditional industries. But now drops travel and Uber Chinese merger is a “cop-out”: from industrial development, it would be China’s Internet and the global development of the Internet has brought tremendous negative impact.

“Whether it is Didi Hao, Uber good, I think eventually they will be lost, is lost altogether rare cases.” Fang Xingdong said, in the long run, if the two companies can compete in the global, industrial development, both consumers and businesses is the best choice.

Innovation should be based on Science and technology

An almost be called a small room, hung a huge glass whiteboard, on the corner wood color shelves stocked with two trophies and a few pictures; white except for desktop computers and printers teapot, cups and two long pieces rankings. If it came to the field, this office is difficult and Kai-fu Lee linked together. Innovation Works will operate for seven years, having gone through a dialogue with death, it may as founder and CEO Kai-fu Lee, often appear here.

7 years of development, Innovation Works from the initially recognized traditional VC “otherness”, the growth of domestic and keen to learn entrepreneurial incubator “typical.” By 2015, only one business incubator, operating income more than 50 million yuan, the service conversion rights models steadily; in the investment, innovation workshops are from consumer Internet, e-commerce, mobile Internet, these high return on investment, but technical innovation is relatively weak areas, steering artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality techniques more difficult, more cutting-edge fields.

Analyzing a project, an idea whether they have investment value mainly depends on four points. First it is useful, that have a certain value. Usage scenario is not necessarily now or tomorrow, but not in the foreseeable future, 5-7 years and most preferably, not more than 10 years; the second is the sustainable advantage that the formation of the difficulty may be copied and barriers to competition. In addition to patents and first mover advantage, the early accumulation and the elite team is an important means to achieve this characteristic; third is talent, talent has the leading technology is a valuable asset and scarce resources. Investment professionals, make up for the short board, can not be wrong; fourth is forward-looking, to be able to predict the future, forecasting demand, have great vision and great pattern.